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Mandsaur Ka zayka

Mandsaur garlic is the quality garlic that everyone is looking for it is rich in minerals and it is spicy in taste its color is white and it is best for a heart patient. mandsaur land is rich in potassium and that makes mandsaur garlic more special and more worthy.

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Mandsaur Garlic :- one city one crop

Mandsaur is already famous for Pashupatinath temple and aafim but from now mandsaur is also going to be famous for the garlic because mandsaur garlic is selected in one crop one city in the scheme of government of India is going to help traders to increase export of garlic and for this government has started Branding, Quality check, cropping, Best garlic rate, and transportation all these facilities will be available to traders.

Qualities of mandsaur garlic

Benefits of Farmers with :- Mandsaur ka zaayka 

One city one crop is going to have a high impact on farmers because with this Farmers will grow more garlic and will get high rates for there garlic because when demand increase price increases and this will lead to  benefit to the farmers directly in there income and it also give fame to the farmers of mandsaur

Mandsaur garlic Geography

Mandsaur has a total of 955 Villages and in which 30,000 farmers grow garlic. In Mandsaur total of 80,000 hectares of land are used for the cultivation of garlic, which total of 1,80,000 metric tons of garlic is grown every year. Mandsaur grows a total of 10% of garlic as of India. After that mandsaur will be going to the exporting hub of Garlic in India.

Words of Vice President & MLA Representative of Mandsaur garlic market

" We can't say in words that much amount of benefits we are going to get with these Scheme" 

It simply means that Mandsaur Garlic traders will have great benefits with this scheme and as we all know, when India will export a large quantity of garlic, it can have a great positive effect on GDP. and it can increase employment and decrease the inflation rate

Story of mandsaur garlic cultivation

In 1977 when some farmers started growing garlic in mandsaur and they get very good rates of garlic and after this many farmers got attracted to this and they also started growing garlic and from this to today mandsaur grow 10 % of garlic as of India. mandsaur garlic is famous for its taste and now in complete India, many peoples just like mandsaur garlic, and because of that mandsaur is the largest Importer of garlic in india.


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