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the image is about pahal traders garlic that we sell garlic in wholesale and we uypdate garlic price daily

Pahal Trader established in 1999 by reselling garlic and then slowly increasing with the pace in the business we started supplying, exporting, trading and as a agent too. Then after in 2013 we started sorting garlic by their sizes and varieties of garlic so our customer would get best and awesome products because our products is quality tasted product.

A brand PAHAL TRADERS has it’s own, a history a success that they started with zero and now had contact with many traders in the whole country. Company named after the birth of eldest son of family Pahal Goyal also called Prashu Goyal. At first Santosh Goyal took full experience how trading,  reselling, dealing, going from city to city and contact works and slowly but with the consistency they all started dealing with big personalities in this field of garlic and onion and later right now it becomes a brand. Now increasing with a good pace this company supply the product in whole country and now it need and up-gradation so shifted on online platform to provide our facilities to everyone in the world.

Our products/services include selling of every type of garlic and onion. Right now we have our major market in south and east of The India with a membership of Spice Board of India & APMC (Madhya Pradesh, India). We have a team of worker around 20-25 members and currently our whole company is managed by 3 persons Om Goyal, Santosh Goyal (Mandi MLA representation member) and Pranshu Goyal. our company has Experienced team, Good production line, Natural benefits of local lands, Personalized quality control and many more. We have currently two ways to Transport connectivity: Water-ways & Land-ways, and we also have export facility available. And we ensure you that you are not going to face any problem when you come in touch with us.

For any query or any help regarding anything just Contact us at +91-9131272311.

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